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So if you’re here it’s probably because you’re as excited about helping your children with math as we are.

Try exploring these free videos to give you a greater sense of what’s possible. Click each video and explore the power of decomposing numbers or how bar modeling can develop into one of your most powerful tools for solving word problems.

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Mathodology Roundtable
Key Ideas to Teaching and Learning Decimals

with guest Dr. Yeap Ban Har

It’s all in a name? We like to say it’s all in a NOUN. Dr. Yeap Ban Har discussed key ideas of understanding and appreciating decimals. One key idea which seemed to enlighten many of us attending the webinar was the fact that decimals are essentially the extension of understanding the nouns that make up our place value system. It is then our job to support that understanding and show students how those nouns are represented and recorded. The big idea? What we understand about whole numbers, we can apply to what we are learning about decimals.

More topics discussed throughout the webinar included:

  • how to support the learning of the relationship between value and digit (10 times the digit or 1 tenth of the digit in its place)
  • the use of virtual versus concrete manipulatives
  • subtracting, dividing, and multiplying decimals
  • the value of making mistakes as mathematicians

Dr. Yeap Ban Har always has great insight not only on content knowledge, but pedagogy as well. We look forward to learning more from Dr. Yeap in the near future!

Our Next Guest

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Monday, February 6th

7 – 8pm est

Subitizing is such a new thing in education and is a powerful way to build number sense, yet there is one thing that teachers often don’t use it for that is actually subitizing’s superpower: Visualization.  In this Roundtable we will discuss typical subitizing activities but add in how to help your students be able to visualize quantities without having the physical items or images in front of them.  This leads to kids being able to use those visualizations to help them with addition and subtraction without needing concrete materials to help them.

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