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Mathodology Roundtable Discussion

Number Sense- What is it and how do we develop it?

Sarah Schaefer and Dr. Yeap Ban Har

For our September roundtable, Dr. Yeap Ban Har shared three key ideas around the topic of Number Sense. 

Idea 1: Breaking apart numbers: Building the foundational understanding of part-whole relationships that make a number. In most classrooms, you see this strategy through the use of number bonds. 

Idea 2: Developing fluency: Not to be confused with rote memorization. Dr. Yeap Ban Har discusses that fact fluency involves the process in which students move from counting to solve, to developing reasoning strategies to master basic facts in order to approach problem-solving in new mathematical situations. 

Idea 3: Flexible representation of numbers: The skill in which students transfer their knowledge of the part-whole relationships of numbers to strategically solve problems. 

Watch this interactive discussion to gain more knowledge and see examples relating to THREE key ideas around Number Sense and developing it within our students!

We hope to have Dr. Yeap Ban Har back as a roundtable guest in the future to continue the discussion on language development and other important topics around the methodology of effective math instruction. 

The conversation around fact fluency continues NEXT MONTH in our October Roundtable discussion with author Jennifer Bay-Williams. 

Join Us on Monday,October 4th 7 – 8pmEST

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