3-Day Virtual Course JUNE-Essential Ideas in Mathematics

New to the CPA approach, three-part lesson structure and bar modeling? Join Mathodology this summer to understand these methods and how effectively implementing them can increase student learning!

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3-Day Virtual Course JULY- Essential Ideas in Mathematics

Be inspired and equipped with effective instructional strategies to meet various student needs within the classroom. Led by Sarah Schaefer, this three-day course will provide insights into creating environments that promote deep learning where students and teachers are excited to reason, communicate, and think mathematically.

Limited to 70 participants only.

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Developing Mathematical Roots in Kindergarten

Mathodology presents Developing Mathematical Roots in Kindergarten

This three-day workshop focuses on how to create a learning environment that supports all learners while developing core conceptual understanding.  Teachers will recognize how mathematical concepts are developed through intentional exploratory activities, playful practice, and opportunities to communicate and reflect on learning.  Participants will learn how to assess through observation and questioning techniques that inform classroom decisions.

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