Professional Development Courses

Bar Model Method

Participants in this course will learn to use the bar model method to solve word problems. Bar modeling is an extremely versatile strategy that draws on the Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract approach used extensively in Singapore style math.  Participants will solve word problems by working through the three stages of representation.  This visual representation allows for better comprehension by relating the data in the problems to symbols and equations.

Each session includes a short interactive video, followed by a set of practice problems.  Participants will receive feedback to their worked solutions before moving to the next problem type.  

We help you devise custom strategies that incorporate bar modeling into your daily practice.  We will analyze student work samples and provide feedback protocols for a range of learners to better impact results.


Think of a math journal as a problem-solving notebook. Too often as students learn to ‘do math’ they only learn the ‘How.’ The results are often mixed and less than optimal. But when we teach them the ‘How’ and the “Why’ , we take their ability to succeed in mathematics to an entirely new level.

We encourage students to share their journal entries by discussing their various strategies and thought processes. A good math journal is one which requires students to organize, clarify and reflect on the solution or method used to solve the problem.

Math journals also provide teachers with incredible insight into a student’s aptitude and how they approach problem-solving.  It becomes an invaluable assessment tool not only for the student but can help drive instructional decisions for the teacher.

Engineering the Perfect Kindergarten Classroom

The list of what makes a Kindergarten classroom the perfect environment is long and can be overwhelming  for both new teachers and veterans alike.   

Our team has worked in classrooms across the country recording successful teaching styles and ascertaining ways to create an effective learning environment.

Kindergarten teachers are an incredibly important first step. With the Developing Roots program, students learn to think, clarify and organize and solve. 

Work with us to engineer your Kindergarten classroom to optimize student learning.