Grade 5 Video Library

The grade 5 videos were created to support students who use the think!Mathematics textbook series.  These videos begin with an exploratory task, followed by structured discussion that focuses on different ways to approach a problem.  Students are invited to consolidate their learning with practice in their workbooks and by completing the journal prompt provided.

At Mathodology, we strive to support the learning of mathematics in a way the focuses on rich conceptual understanding.  If there is a topic you are struggling with, please send us a request and we’ll do our best to provide video support.  Send all request to [email protected].

Whole Numbers and Operations

Chapter 1 – Numbers to 10,000,000

Chapter 2 – Four Operations on Whole Numbers


Chapter 3 – Addition and Subtraction

Chapter 4 – Multiplication and Division

Model Method- Bar Modeling

Chapter 7 – Word Problems

Measurement and Data

Chapter 8 – Time

Chapter 9 – Length, Volume, Mass

Chapter 11 – Volume of Solids

Chapter 12 – Data


Chapter 13 – Algebra