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Topic 6: Length

Sarah Schaefer talks through the BIG ideas surrounding length at the Grade 1 level.
Students organize themselves by height for a class photo. The role of the teacher is to watch and assess the ways students compare their heights. Part of the classroom experience is learning how to work together and develop social skills.
This student figures out how to measure the length of the carpet with one straw. Provide an opportunity that creates problem-solving experiences.
Students estimate and measure the table using non-standard units, paper clips.
Students help the teacher understand how to measure using a straw.


6.1 Measurement Screening

6.2 Longer or Shorter?

6.3 Height

6.4 Length and Width

6.5 Tricky Lengths

6.6 Measure Length

6.7 Tools! Tools!

6.8 Stay on the Path!