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Topic 15: Developing Fluency Within Addition and Subtraction

Sarah Schaefer is joined by Author Dr. Yeap Ban Har to discuss subtraction. What are the 5 key ideas to consider when teaching subtraction? Join us as we look at the one video in the Take 5 series.
Sarah Schaefer describes the make a ten strategy used in learning addition facts. The visual model supports the thinking. What problems are easy to use the make a 10 strategy?
Teachers demonstrate how to use card games in the classroom to practice fact fluency. The beauty of this game offers so many options to meet the variety of learners in a class. These games and more are incorporated throughout the Developing Roots Kindergarten Program.
Counting strategies, break-apart strategies, and reasoning strategies are explored throughout this video. The most efficient strategy may differ based on the student and the problem at hand. Build flexible thinkers by allowing students to communicate their strategies.
Integrate games and visual support to help students become fluent in addition and subtraction.

Developing Fluency Within Addition and Subtraction

15.1 Counting

15.2 Doubles

15.3 Benchmarks

Extensions 1.1 Relational Understanding