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Topic 14: Addition and Subtraction Structures 2

Sarah Schaefer is joined by Author Dr. Yeap Ban Har to discuss subtraction. What are the 5 key ideas to consider when teaching subtraction? Join us as we look at the one video in the Take 5 series.
Counting strategies, break-apart strategies, and reasoning strategies are explored throughout this video. The most efficient strategy may differ based on the student and the problem at hand. Build flexible thinkers by allowing students to communicate their strategies.
See how the abstract algorithm is explicitly connected to the number bond in all operations.
Sarah Schaefer uses number bonds to build number sense and flexible thinking! How does the counting progression develop into addition and subtraction concepts that relate the parts and wholes?
What is a number bond? What role do parts and whole play in composing a number? This video connects the number bond, bar model and equation in a part-whole relationship.
Students verbalize the part-whole relationship in many ways.
The teacher the practice and student share their work.
Stories are a great way to practice the part-whole relationship.

Addition and Subtraction Structures 2

14.1 Naming Sets

14.2 Parts of 3,4,and 5

14.3 Parts of 6

14.4 Parts of 7

14.5 Parts of 8

14.6 Parts of 9

14.7 Parts of 10