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Topic 11: Composing and Decomposing Shapes

Students using Developing Roots Kindergarten program, use pattern block shapes to compose a larger shape.
It is important to provide opportunities for students to play with composing and decomposing solids. The more opportunity students have the better they will be able to see "shapes within shapes". This game is a Fox Mind game called Architecto. There are others such as Tangramino which is also a must to keep on your shelf.
Kindergarten students, using Developing Roots Mathematical Program, use geoboards to compose a larger shape. How many rectangles do you see?
This kindergarten student continued to explore symmetry outside the classroom. He continues to look for symmetry in buildings and then recreates the architecture using blocks at home. Inspired by Developing Roots Kindergarten program.
Kindergarten students, using the Developing Roots Kindergarten Program, use a line of symmetry to complete a figure during practice time.
Shape Talks! Provide opportunities for students to talk about what they see. We can assess so much by just observing students in action.

Composing and Decomposing Shapes

11.1 Creating Shapes from Shapes

11.2 Building Something That "Looks Like"

11.3 Creating a Copy Based on an Image

Extensions 1.1 Reflection and Rotation

Extensions 1.2 Symmetry

Extensions 1.3 Creating Images

Extensions 1.4 Creating Nets