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Topic 10: Shape and Geometric Attribute

Kindergarten students practice using vocabulary to describe shape and position during an activity in the Developing Roots Kindergarten Curriculum.
Mathodology trainer, Greg Bertha talks through the beginning level of geometric thought describe by researchers, Pierre van Hiele and Dina van-Hiele-Geldof. In Grade 1 students are typically categorizing shapes by visualization and are beginning to describe attributes as they sort shapes into groups.
Kindergarten students, using Developing Roots Mathematics Program, can draw 3-D shapes when given a chance! When given time and structures young students can accomplish so much!
Our young Mathematicians names different shapes.

Shape and Geometric Attribute

10.1 Naming 3D Shapes

10.2 Sorting 3D Shapes by Attributes

10.3 Identifying 2D Faces on 3D Shapes

10.4 Building and Patterning with Shapes

10.5 No Peeking!