Components of the Program

Teacher guides provide detailed and easy to read lessons that use intuitive and repeatable strategies, making daily delivery manageable.  Age appropriate games and activities naturally tap into young curiosity and promote exploration.  Lessons are paced to meet the unique needs of our young mathematicians and sequenced to build strong content understanding around the essential mathematical competencies and common core standards. Guided and independent practice is easy to understand an implemented with materials and methods clearly outlined.  Manipulative and materials are easily available and the tasks created allow students to develop ideas, test connections, and through problem solving, deepen understanding.  Student tasks and activities are written in teacher friendly language and can be customized for group and individual delivery. Hands-on challenges allow all children to advance in their thinking and concrete suggestions to provide concept scaffolding and differentiation, ensure all children work at the appropriate level of rigor. The teacher’s capacity for continuous assessment naturally results through the sound instructional practices used, the emphasis on student observations and the careful guidance provided through questioning techniques in each lesson.

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Ready to use teaching materials support the instructional components of the program. The teacher activity pack is an inviting and engaging interface, allowing for whole group or small group management of lessons. Color cards on durable card stock are re-useable.  The cards effectively complement the lessons and are a ready-made resource at hand that can be used to differentiate instruction based on student feedback in the teaching moment.

80 Cards included in Teacher Activity Pack

The online professional community contains student work, bite-sized videos, home connections, and problem-solving extensions to support the implementation of the Developing Roots Kindergarten Mathematics Program every step of the way.

 *1-year subscription included in the Teacher Bundle purchase.

Yearly renewal price is $49.99

The student think!Pad is a personalized journal used to record and reflect mathematical thinking.  Open-ended prompts are aligned with each lesson and provide evidence of student understanding. Student use of the pages is flexible and is a fun, creative and individual way to document student growth.

The prep work has been done for you!  No need to spend the money on color copies or the time to prepare lesson materials.  The student activity pack is a ready-to-use resource that supports the exploration and practice phases of the lessons.   The student cards, made of sturdy card stock and printed in color, are beautifully and simply designed with perforations, allowing for student management.  After use in the classroom, students will want to continue working with playful activities at home. Cards are organized and labeled by lesson and allow for the perfect level of challenge with endless opportunities for students to support their math work.

Over 80 cards included in Student Activity Pack

Student Playing Cards represent a multi-purpose deck that incorporates play into the mathematics classroom.  Easy-to-Learn games that consolidate the foundations in number and operation can be an effective tool for learning.  It is a great way to incorporate play through games while reinforcing the skills that are essential in future years! Recommended Age: 3-6+

131 Playing Cards include:

  • Directions for traditional card games to reinforce early number concepts
  • 6 different representations for a number
  • Easy to read number and pictures

Bundles sold in Packs of 10

Scope and Sequence

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