Zingo 1-2-3

Number-learning and luck combine for a thrilling game kids love!

In this Bingo-like adventure of number-counting fun, kids must think fast to match numbers with their quantities quicker than all their opponents.

Shuffle up all seventy-two of the Zingo number tiles and load them all into the special Zinger device.

With a Zingo card passed out to each player, it’s time to start Zinging, counting, matching, and winning!

One afte the other, kids take turns pushing the Zinger machine forward to reveal two number tiles at a time.

Quick! – Scan your card! – If you see an image on your card that matches one of the number tiles, you get to call out that number and then place it over the matching space on your card.

But you have to act fast! – The tiles only go to whoever calls them first!

Match the number two with the picture of two clams. Match the number six with the picture of six airplanes – The first player to cover all nine pictures on their Zingo card with the number tiles gets to yell out “ZINGO!” and wins the game!

Then, ready to take the challenge even further?

Flip the Zingo cards over and instead of just images of quantities, you’ll find illustrated addition problems that have to be solved before they can be matched with the number tiles.

It’s a brilliantly FUN way to master early math skills!

Discover the exciting side of learning with the Zingo 1-2-3 game.

Zingo 1-2-3

  • Bingo-like game of matching numbers with their quantities
  • Encourages number-learning, counting, addition skills, focus, logic, cooperative play
  • Discover a truly exciting way to get a head start on math!
  • Load Zinger device with number tiles – Push Zinger forward to reveal 2 number tiles at a time
  • Try to match number tiles with images of quantities on the game cards – Quantities are accompanied by written-out numbers
  • Number tile goes to whoever calls it first – Place tile over matching image on the card
  • First to place a tile overall 9 images on their card wins the game
  • Cards feature 2 difficulty levels – Counting, addition – Addition side shows illustrated addition problems
  • Includes 72 number tiles, 6 double-sided Zingo cards
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • High-quality design and materials for lasting durability


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