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  • Architecto

    Arhitecto helps to build visualization skills.  Students construct solids from smaller solids.

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  • Blank Die

    If we could only recommend one dice set it would be these.  The versatility is unmatched!  During measurement, printed vocabulary words such as longer and shorter appeared on the…

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  • Clear Spinners

    We designed the spinner templates to coordinate with the size of this spinner.  A versatile piece that will remain on the shelf all year long!

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  • Connecting Cubes

    Connecting Cubes are a must-have in the classroom!  Students use cubes in counting exercises, measurement explorations, and in representing addition and subtraction stories.

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  • Geoboards

    These 9″ x 9″ Geoboards have an 11 x 11 pin grid array on one side and an 11 x 11 isometric pin array on the other.

    Students can calculate…

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  • Geometric Solids

    This is a manipulative you need different sizes and shapes to allow students opportunities to construct knowledge from their senses.


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  • Grandfather Tang’s Story

    It is nice to link a story to a lesson.  This is a perfect fit for creating shapes from shapes.

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  • Large Flexible Plastic Mirrors With Rounded Corners

    Include 4 large safe plastic mirror
    High-quality making reflection very clear and accurate
    Plastic mirrors help children visualize and understand symmetry, pattern,…

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