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  • 1 inch wood cubes

    Use our durable and beautiful 1″ wooden cubes for a wide variety of building and math activities!

    Ideal for 3D measurement and volume activities, this set of…

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  • Base Ten Blocks

    Base Ten blocks help students improve their understanding of place value and their ability to perform operations with multi-digit numbers.

    This is huge set at a very low price that…

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  • Blank Dice

    Create your own games with this set of customizable dice.

    Set includes 144 (4 sets of 36 cubes) cubes in three bright colors with self-adhesive write-on labels.

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  • Classroom Number Line

    Clearly marked wall number line comes in 25 sections (19″ x 5¾” each).

    Use as complete set or just use the sections you need to teach.

    Grades K-5.

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  • Clear Spinners

    We designed the spinner templates to coordinate with the size of this spinner.  A versatile piece that will remain on the shelf all year long!

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  • Connecting Cubes

    Connecting Cubes are a must-have in the classroom!  Students use cubes in counting exercises, measurement explorations, and in representing addition and subtraction stories.

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  • Dice

    This dice set provides 5 different sets of numbers that allowed us to mix and match number choice for different students as well as different activities.  For example during…

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  • Dice Set

    Packed in an easy storage container, this set includes everything you need for small group activities.

    Set includes four place value dice, 24 dot dice, ten number…

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