What is Singapore Math?

  • Singapore Math

What is Singapore Math?  What research is it based upon?  How is it similar to and different from the way I was taught?

Strategies for Operations

  • Decomposing Numbers_Branching
  • Make Multiples of 10

Develop flexible thinking in students by helping them decompose numbers in parts.  Ask, “What is the best way to break apart a number in the given problem?”

  • Compensation

A favorite method by most students.  If the number is too hard to compute, make it easier and adjust along the way.  See your student’s number sense come alive when they compute problems like 457 + 99  by adjusting the 99 to an easier number with which to work.

  • Count On_Count Back
  • Counting Strategies_Left_to_Right-Number Line

Help students use a number line to visualize the operations.  How can we count on in an efficient manner?


  • Journaling

Learn how to create different prompts for journal entries.

Anchor Task

  • Anchor Task

What is an Anchor Task and why should my math lesson be built around an engaging task?

Reverse the Task

  • Pythagorean Theorem

Students are given the Pythagorean theorem and a visual and asked to prove what the theorem states.

3-Part Lesson Format

Understand how to implement an effective lesson by using a 3-Part lesson Structure.