Mathodology Institute

Who should attend the [M4th]odology Institute?

Administrators, curriculum supervisors, math coaches, teachers and parents who want to learn mathematics for meaning versus rote memorization.

What is the [M4th]odology Institute? (click here for video explanations)

It is an institute, not a workshop, where teachers are taught how to teach math, learning the concrete-pictorial-abstract approach to teaching mathematical concepts. All instructors are current educators implementing these strategies in classrooms.

Why the [M4th]odology Institute?

It provides the structure to develop a math curriculum based on number sense. To support this methodology, we have developed both an intensive two-day, grade-specific institute, as well as a 3-day institute that teaches sound pedagogical strategies to use in the classroom. This institute builds the conceptual knowledge behind every mathematical computation so teachers leave understanding the whys and how’s behind the mathematics. Using techniques found in Singapore, a new appreciation for number is experienced. Singapore principles, as well as current research from Dr. Eric Muzar on Peer Instruction and Dr. Richard DuFour on Professional Learning Communities (PLC), are implemented throughout our training.



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