December Student Spotlight

Bowman is known by his teachers and classmates to be a leader in the classroom. We wanted to find out more about the characteristics that have propelled this Kindergarten student at the top of his game. The first trait we found was perseverance. We asked Bowman to share what his favorite activity has been this year. ” I like the hundred board. It was hard at the start and I had to match the numbers on the mat. Now, I like to play with it and count by 2’s. I can now count by 2’s to 30 without looking at the mat because I see patterns. Counting to 100 is hard but I will get there” says Bowman. Through perseverance and practice, Bowman was able to demonstrate and communicate his new learnings. Bowman takes initiative at every opportunity. His teacher explained that during snack time Bowman will grab a whiteboard and start doodling about numbers. Bowman asked if he could show us what he can do. Saying ‘watch me’ He ran to grab a board. He recorded 3 + 3 = 6. I asked how did you know that? In typical fashion, he said, “I just know it.” He then proceeded to show me that 5 + 1 and 4+2 also made 6. I asked him if there were any other combinations and he said I am not sure and left the challenge open. “The love of numbers and flexibility Bowman demonstrated is contagious as others in the room will often model his behavior”, said Melissa, Bowman’s teacher. This creativity, confidence, and ability to communicate is what we want others to model in the classroom and Bowman does more than what is required of him.

Not only does Bowman persevere and take initiative but he demonstrated self-monitoring and self-correction when he was sharing his think!Pad with us. Bowman found two pages he was proud of and explained why. He began by pointing out that he had more than one favorite number because he was five and his brother was almost eight. He explained why he arranged the pictures in the way he did on the first page and moved to show how he has grown by the way he shows numbers on a future entry. Bowman explained, “Look at how I showed eight now. I can use a picture with four and four but also five and three. I can use a number line. Wait I noticed the number twelve on my number line is backward. Let me fix my mistake.” It was so refreshing to see a teacher that sat back and allowed the student to find the mistake, correct it, and be proud of how he has grown.

Bowman we are proud of you and the way you approach mathematics. You take risks, keep trying when a task may feel hard and are proud to learn from a mistake. We are excited to follow you throughout this year and continue to learn from you.