Frustrasted with Fractions

Dear Sarah,

I am dying with my 5th grade…they are struggling with fractions (the chapter is hard) and with not a strong Singapore foundation from last year…well…we are on our 4th week! Should I do the 4th grade fractions chapter?? I honestly am at a loss.


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  1. sarahschaef says:

    We need to meet students where they are at. It is critical when starting ANY program to understand what the prerequisite knowledge should be. If students are in a “consolidate” (practice) stage in your book, but they have never experienced the “learn” stage for that concept, we are changing too many variables at once.

    1)Go back and see how the concept has developed through the curriculum
    2)Ask the teacher(s) from the previous year how much work they did on the concept to help establish your starting point
    3)Look at the textbook from the previous grade to see the numbers used, methods of solving, and recommended task
    4) Screen your students to see how they respond to questions you ask about the concept as you assess what number choice is appropriate for where they are at
    5)Be flexible in your lesson planning. When starting a new program, you may have holes that need to be filled in and being flexible and not worry about covering every page in the textbook is important. Know what the core concepts are and make sure you have given the student the opportunity to explore, practice and demonstrate their understanding through your problem choice. TEACH LESS, LEARN MORE!

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