We’ve literally spent years working on Developing Roots in our youngest students so that an experience in mathematics at an early exposure helps guide them to academic excellence as they advance in learning. 

Developing Roots is our most innovative curriculum and makes use of experiences common to these kids in order to teach math at the kindergarten level.  The foundation for our program is woven with current research in learning and teaching to provide a dynamic instructional plan.  We’ve also engaged NCTM’s work as guiding math principals and essential elements of each of the content areas and all of our Developing Roots  lessons are aligned with the Common Core State Standards.

Comprehensive Spiral Curriculum

The Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract(CPA) method of instruction sets a firm foundation which equips students with principles they’ll need time and time again.  Developing Roots ensures consistent exposure to critical concepts throughout the year which prevents any student from falling too far behind.


Students explore, collaborate, problem solve and reflect on rich tasks designed to build on current knowledge. We energetically engage students as they make connections, discover patterns and develop generalizations which drives their mathematical roots even deeper, making more solid the foundations we’re building.


When students are challenged by their investigation, the ability to communicate both the ‘why’ and the ‘how’ become critical means to evaluate what they know and how well they’ve learned to learn mathematics. Developing Roots not only teaches kindergarten kids math it teaches them to explain what they’ve learned, how they arrived at their solution and why it works. 

In the News...

Kindergarten “Developing Roots” Math Program
This year we adopted a new Kindergarten math program. Developing Roots is an innovative program designed to bring a foundation in Singapore math to Kindergarten students through child-centered experiences grounded in current research in learning and teaching.  
To support distance learning with the program, the author of the program has designed a series of terrific videos as well as interactive and hands-on learning activities which our teachers are using to help teach our students the concepts of geometry and operations with numbers. 
Many thanks to all of our Kindergarten teachers as well as our Math Support teachers, Ms. Liberman and Ms. Giorgianni, for providing these experiences for our students.
As the photos show, the students are very engaged in their math learning.

Article and photos provided by Dr. Carol Smyth

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