About Mathodology: Sarah Schaefer and Dr. Yeap Ban Har

Based in Northeast Florida, Beantown Partners and [M4th]odology Institutes will customize our training to match your individual or school objectives. We provide an interactive experience for student and teacher growth, as well help create benchmarks and guidelines to allow for continued success. With more than two decades of teaching experience from K to 12, our formula mixes passion, relationship building and hands-on experience to produce the end result of deeper content knowledge.

[Sarah] + Schaefer

Principal, M4thodology, Atlantic Beach, FL

Since 1995, Sarah Schaefer, M.Ed., has been  teaching K-12 Mathematics in public and private school settings.  She understands your biggest concerns when it comes to teaching and learning mathematics.  Schedules are limited.  Classes are short. Change is constant.  Teachers are being pulled in many directions while looking for ways to connect with students to enhance their understanding of mathematical content. As an early adopter of the Singapore methodology, Sarah’s iterative approach optimizes performance and maximizes knowledge retention.    Sarah is passionate about mathematics, teaching, and creating relationships that result in deeper content knowledge.  Her extensive experience implementing the Singapore curriculum , has involved not only students and teachers, but leading institutes who have adopted her collaborative process .  At The Bolles School, Sarah created the curriculum from the ground up by simplifying and focusing on delivery and developing content knowledge.  She believes in empowering teachers, students and parents to be creative in their thinking and understanding of mathematics, resulting in a more valuable and meaningful learning environment.


Recognized as a Singapore Math Trainer on SingaporeMath.com

[Dr. Yeap] + Ban Har

Principal, Marshall Cavendish Institute, Singapore

Dr. Yeap Ban Har is an established name in Singapore Math. As an educator, he has taught classes around the world. As an academic, he has presented keynote lectures at international conferences and written for academic publications. He is also well- known for lesson study and is a specialist in the APEC Lesson Study Project.

Ban Har spent ten years at the National Institute of Education (Singapore), where he taught a range of teacher education courses, including graduate courses. He continues to teach courses and supervise practicums at tertiary institutions such as the National Institute of Education (Singapore), SIM University (Singapore), and Wheelock College (United States of America) in adjunct and associate positions. He also sits on the advisory board of the Professional Advisory Council of NTUC First Campus, a major provider of early childhood education in Singapore.

Ban Har holds Master of Arts in Southeast Asian Studies, Master of Education and Ph.D. in Mathematics Education.